Parco Natura Viva Lake Garda Zoo
Parco Safari Parco Safari
Safari - foto di Giorgio Cortese Safari - foto di Giorgio Cortese
sezione faunistico sezione faunistico
Leoni Leoni
Zoo-safari-italia-verona-parco-natura-viva Zoo-safari-italia-verona-parco-natura-viva
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2020-tigre-03 2020-tigre-03
giraffa giraffa
2020-crisocione-1 2020-crisocione-1
Parco Natura Viva is a fascinating natural zoological park that is home to some 1500 specimen of animals belonging to over 250 wild species. It is divided into two areas, the Safari, a fascinating route that you visit on board of your own vehicle, and the Fauna, an extended pedestrian area, where you can walk near the animal’s paddock originating in the 5 continents of the world.

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