Outdoor activities near Lake Garda


Outdoor activities near Lake Garda

Lake Garda

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Get adventurous at Lake Garda, a gem for outdoor activities. Set between hills and mountains, it is the perfect home base for your next outdoor activity.From rivers to deep waters, you can choose various activities around Lake Garda, all linked to its precious heritage and natural characteristics. 


From the easy path on Rocca di Manerba to a really big hike on Pizzocolo Mount, the lake view is assured. Follow CAI path, have a look here and discover the marvelous natural reserve of Parco Alto Garda. On the Veneto side you can also follow a panoramic steps path called Busatte-Tempesta overlooking the lake, for less adrenaline you can walk on the cycle path in Limone and still have a great view directly on lake coastal cliffs.


Be surprised by the beauty of nature from a different perspective under the guidance of mountain guides.Discover this magical corner of the Daone valley from a new and unusual perspective: the ACRO RIVER! With a helmet, harness and via ferrata set,you will first enter the gorge along an equipped route a few meters from the foaming water, then descend as if by magic along the waterfall with a succession of pulleys on ropes. An equipped balcony above the waterfall offers a breathtaking view, even for the less adventurous.In the beautiful Daone Valley, just downstream from Lake Malga Boazzo, the foaming waters of the Chiese River gain strength and vitality as they flow through a narrow gorge, slide past the steep granite slabs and plunge energetically into the Lert Waterfall. Acroriver is just 1h by car from Lake Garda.

Canyoning Tignaz

Canyoning at Lake Garda? Yes, definitely can. The Tignaz canyoning tour is held in Tignale, a mountain town overlooking the lake. This canyoning tour is for ages 10 and up, perfect for beginners and families. You will enjoy a short course in abseiling before the adventure begins (always secured with the guide). Jumps, slides and beautiful descents make Tignaz a real adventure in a beautiful setting. During the tour, photos are taken which will be mailed after the tour. Do you have a GoPro, take it with you!

Scuba diving

Have you always been fascinated by the underwater world but never had the courage or the opportunity to explore it? Discover Scuba Diving at Lake Garda and enjoy this experience in complete safety.Followed by a certified diving instructor, you'll approach the depths of the lake. They will teach you the main techniques and maneuvers and you will only have to enjoy the extraordinary beauty that only a lake landscape can give. The experience of living in the depths of the Lake  Dive, your first step into the diving world!