Safari adventure at Lake Garda


Safari adventure at Lake Garda

Lake Garda

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Lake Garda is known for its beautiful landscape and good food, people usually tend to go for a boat tour or a fun park. However, you don't have to miss also an adventorous safari adventure at Parco Natura Viva. On board of your own vehicle, you could discover the habitat of African animals and more than 1.500 in the Fauna park. Get ready for an adventurous ride! Here's some info about your safary day out.


Parco Natura Viva is an important natural zoological garden situated in Bussolengo, halfway between Verona and Garda Lake. It covers about 40 hectares of land and it’s the house of 1.500 animals belong to over 200 wild species from all the world.

Parco Natura Viva has one of the most powerful zoological collections in Italy and, today, it’s an important Centre of conservation of endangered animal species and a Centre of environmental education.

You can observe the great bio-diversity of our planet just in one day!

The Park is divided in two sections:

• Fauna Park, an extended pedestrian area, where You can walk near the animal’s paddock originating in the 5 continents of the world; here You can also visit the Animals' Farm and the Extinction Park. In Fauna Park You could see 90% of the species that live at Parco Natura Viva; the duration of the visit is different for every visitor, but we suggest You about 4 or 5 hours.  We offer different services and You can take a break at one of the many rest stops.  

• Safari Park is a fascinating route that you visit on board of your own vehicle. There is a different entrance for the Safari (inside Parco Natura Viva area). You’ll discover the habitat of African animals, and You could imagine being in a real safari. The duration is about 40 minutes – there aren’t rest stops in it.


You can visit the Safari Park on board of your own vehicle (car, campers or busses, even double one) just like an exciting African Safari. In this tour you'll see, just a few steps from your car's windows: elegant giraffes, pretty zebras, antelopes, exciting lions, hyenas and cheetahs living with no fences in a completely wild environment.

Get your discounted ticket to enter the Fauna section and go for a special safari adventure at Lake Garda!

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