Holiday accommodations

Guest service for holiday accommodations

Our aim is to provide a simple and easy gateway to Activities and Tours worldwide. Allowing visitors to experience all the beauty, culture and fun of any chosen area. Typically, offering such a service to your guests involves a great deal of work, and many phone calls… something that we have already prearranged for you. Therefore, you save time and earn commission, plus, offer every guest the best Activities and Tours programme around.

Connecting to us you will have a choice of solutions to offer, all of which will most certainly be welcomed and appreciated by any guest. Advertising all of what there is ‘to see and do’ will no doubt assist in any choice to “come back again next year!”.

Direct sales from your reception desk

Our platform provides you as a Holiday accommodation the possibility to sell Activities and Tours quickly and directly to all your guests. Our easy to use platform saves both organisational time and enables direct access 24/7 to the best local experiences around, simply upgrading the benefits for every guest.

Holli app

Holiday accommodations have the possibility to add their resort information and fully personalize the app what makes Holli even more useful for the visitor/user and a great tool for upgrading the guest service.

Promotion pack

Holli-day tickets will provide you with our promotional pack of brochures, posters and flyers. This information will promote all of the experiences we have on offer, plus, an explanation of how one may purchase any ticket; from either the Reception/concierge or via the app.

Guest service orientated

Originating from a tour operator background we recognise how fundamentally important ‘customer service’ is, therefore this principal lies throughout all of our work and developing solutions. The results are confirmed in very satisfied partners who sell a 100% customer service!

* Cancellation without discussions
* We communicate directly with your customer in the case of any cancellation of tours
* To guarantee quality we only work with the best Activities and Tours around

Create package deals without any risk

We enjoy adding as many advantages as possible for your customers to enjoy. We all appreciate the more we are able to offer; the more promising the bookings! Creating package deals with local experiences is demanding and not without risks. Not anymore!!

Connecting to the DayTix platform allows you can to stamp tickets for Activities and Tours any time you choose. Create your personalised package by including tickets for museums, attraction parks, or adding a free boat trip to your deal. Wait until the booking is confirmed, and propose your deal without any risk. Tickets may even be printed up until the moment of the arrival of your guest. Convenient if the family should decide to change their programme or activity.

24/7 Support

With offices in several countries we find it important to provide you with all of the vital help and support you may require to start up, train and advise any member of staff. Ensuring you are prepared to offer an efficient and first class service to guests. As we know you can leap from your first contact to the first sale in less than 24 hours!

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